CSU Retirees

Retiree Vision Program

VSP maintains the vision benefit enrollment records for all CSU retirees and processes retirees' vision enrollments. VSP obtains eligibility information from CalPERS so it is important that you keep your home/mailing address current at all times. This information helps ensure that you receive timely information regarding your CSU vision benefits that will be mailed to you by VSP. Address changes can be reported by completing the CalPERS’ Address Change Authorization Form and mailing to the address below.

California Public Employees' Retirement System
Member Account Management Division
P. O. Box 942715
Sacramento, CA 94229-2715

If you are a retired CSU employee and have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact CalPERS, Member Account Management Division toll free at: 1-888-225-7377.

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How to enroll or make changes

  1. Visit VSP at csuretirees.vspforme.com to register.
  2. Complete and mail the VSP Enrollment Form, which can be found online once you sign in.
  3. Call VSP at (800) 400-4569 and speak to a member services representative.

Once enrolled, you will be required to remain in the program for a minimum of 12 months.

The amount deducted from your retirement check each month in 2017 for the Retiree Basic Vision care is:

  • Retiree only: $5.54
  • Retiree plus one dependent: $10.29
  • Retiree plus two or more dependents: $11.04